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Your Guide In Beirut and Lebanon

I am Halil from Turkey.42 years old man
If you wish to visit Beirut, please send me details of what you require, and I will get back to you with details and make sure you have a fantastic time while you are in istanbul.
3months a year i stay in beirut You can discover Beirut with me.Currently am in Beirut and i will stay till the new year
If you are interested,we can easily talk to other details that you wonder.
Its not a problem how long you will stay in Beirut,so long you wish I can help you.
My per day payment is 60.-USD per Day for 6 hours .
Let me know if you need a car .I can arrange any car you want and be your driver. I can drive and take you wherever you want in Beirut and Lebanon

I speak good English,Turkish,Persian and Kurdish
I speak intermediate Russian,Spainish and Arabic
see u
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İlan ID: 6980425756

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