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bu ilanı beğen Entry Level Software Developer (Tokyo, Japan) bu ilanı gizle göster


bedel: 3.5 Million to 4.2 Million Japanese Yen (based on experience)
istihdam türü: tam zamanlı

■ Hello Everybody, my name is Andres and on behalf of Motivo Inc. we will visiting Istanbul during 30th June till next 2nd July 2019.

■ The purpose of this visit is to have Interviews with potential candidates interested in start a new position in Tokyo Japan,

■ there are different positions:

-Front end
-Back end
-AutoCAD designers
-Electronic Engineers

Requirement: Bachelor Degree Completed (All disciplines)
Professional experience is not required but Welcome.
If you have personal projects to show to us is also welcome

● Full- Time position in Companies from Tokyo. (Software Developer, Engineer, or Consultant)
● Flight ticket paid by the company
● Allocation for the first year included.
● Free Language Lessons.
● Working Visa for 3 years.

If interested Send your Resume to be evaluated, including phone number or email / Linkedin. We will be contacting.

: Send your questions if any

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