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bu ilanı beğen 150m2 - Nice Room in Private House Kadikoy (Istanbul Kadikoy) bu ilanı gizle göster



kediler Tamam - mırrr
köpekler Tamam - haav

I am leaving my room so i want to help my house holder to rent his room again
The house is 2 floor private house which is so close to Nautilus and Ayrilik Cesme Subway
5 mins to Yeldegirmeni
10 mins to Kadikoy and Moda
House has 3 nice rooms and very nice backyard and garden
I was in 2nd floor with my cat.
Owner is a business man, freelancer staying there and other one (huseyin)is really smart and spiritual english teacher and actor, you should meet them by yourself
I was paying 1000lira and small amount for bills, i am sure you can arrange something when you see and decide the room, he is so open and smart(Aslan abi)

Nice flat, old house, good people
Give a call
The number is Huseyin's number
Sorry for the bad quality photos and mess, i didnt have chance to take some good angle photos by myself
Good Luck
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