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bu ilanı beğen 14m2 - 1000TL - 5 Min. to ISTIKLAL st., 15 Min. to TAKSIM Sq. by Walking bu ilanı gizle göster



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Hello everybody,

This flat in which i offer you guys a bedroom in a gorgeous place to rest while you are still in the heart of the city. It is spacious and receives a lot of sun light. It gives you a homely feeling when you return from the university or work. You can walk to the Galatasaray Highschool – a wellknown meeting point for Istanbul people – on the Istiklal Street in eight minutes. It is 5 mins walk to the bus station named as Omer Hayyam on the Tarlabasi Avenue. You can walk to Taksim square in ten mins. Bilgi University is five mins walking distance to the flat.

Let me tell you about the flat a bit. It has a bathroom and a kitchen. It receives much sun light and is spacious. In the single bedroom there is a single bed, a wardrobe and a table for your studies. This room costs only 1.000 TL per month! The flat has 24 hours hot water, wi-fi, water, heater for winter (natural gas). There is also a washing machine, dish washer, owen for cooking, cooker and water boiler. In case you want, I will provide you with bed sheets. All the expenses such as water, electricity, natural gas and wi-fi are included in the price I offer you. Other things such as soap, detergent (for laundry and dishes), toilette paper etc. are also included with in these prices.

What is even better is that we have an open market two mins away by walk. This open market is active on Sundays and you can find anything you want in it. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, dry nuts and fruits, kitchen utensils, cleaning products and even clothes! Both the prices and the quality of food sold here are really good. Besides there is Şok Market (A supermarket chain in Turkey where products are “shocking cheap” referring to the name hahahah! :) and there is Carrefour market (right across the Şok Market) you can find alcohols and quality stuff. These places are only three mins distance by walk. There are also local groceries and tiny restaurants with home made food. In this area you can always find 24 hours open markets and restaurants. In short, you won’t be left hungry ever!

This practical area is also full of historical buidings and narrow streets where you can have great inspirations for your shootings if you are photographer :) There are couple of great churches and some museums around. You see sometimes children playing hide and seek, or football games on the streets. These scenes are like from another era that most “developed” cities have already lost. There is colorfull street life in this part of the city that you would find interesting and freshening.

Ok guys, a little bit about me. I graduated from the media studies. I have been working in a radio station for 15 years. I am also a yoga teacher. I was born in this amazing city but have living in the Omer Hayyam area for the last 8 years. I have always shared my lovely flat with international people. I am quite experienced with international environments and enjoy multiculturalism a lot! As i am working hard, most of the time i am not at home.

Right now, I am sharing my flat with one Foreign guy. So, with you, we are going to be 3 people sharing one flat.
We also have 2 adorable cats.

Come and share this beautiful and comfortable flat with me and enjoy the city life here to the fullest. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Cheers!
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