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bu ilanı beğen YOU CAN'T FIND BETTER THAN THIS (Cİhangir, Taksim) bu ilanı gizle göster


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I have a room available in Cihangir,Beyoğlu

I'm looking for female PETfriendly flatmate

It's a 5 storey-apartment; its not appartment, 5th floor building.
I've 3 bedrooms totally; one is mine ( first bedroom will be free on feb.) Second one is free now.
I'm a fashion designer.
The house is super nice and modern, the all room has the floor to itself, There are 2 WC and the house is fully equipped with a full kitchen, washing and drying machine and new bathroom. The house is perfectly located to walk to the Metro & Tramway (7minutes) and central Cihangir.

1st floor: bathroom (common) & wc, washing & drying machine

2nd floor: bedroom (it has own AirC, garderope, Tv, double bed, dinner/work table) & kitchen (common)

3d floor: Dinner/work area

4th floor: cozy bedroom ( double bed, furnitures ) & WC (common) & dressing room

I have kitty & dog <3

price: 300 € with bills
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