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bu ilanı beğen TL700 Female Only / 700TL+BILLS (Taksim) bu ilanı gizle göster

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Hi there, im 30 years old female, a sound editor and part time music producer :) living in a 1+1 house in Taksim and i want to share one of the rooms. Also, a great terrace we will share. House is dublex and both of the flats, an individual space and privacy are possible as if you're at your own place. The atmosphere of the house is really cute. By the way , i live in the second floor and the room at the entrance floor is for share. The toilet and the kitchen is at the entrance, also. I got some materials for home, such as chairs, small tables, wardrobe, etc and for the others needed, i m gonna buy also. But for now, there's no bed in the empty room. House's location is great, Taksim is one of the central point for the transportations. You can find anything to go anywhere. Also you can find food or any other supplies all day long. Price is 700TL for the room and plus bills (electricity, water, internet connection, and the other common needs.) I'm a reliable person and the environment is safe. Considering the location and the other conditions, it's a fair price. As I indicated in the title, I only search for FEMALES and I prefer foreign person to improve my English but Turkish people can be exceptional. For the other details, feel free to contact me sisters! :) I can send pictures who demands.
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