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bu ilanı beğen TOP-NOTCH TURKISH TUTORING WITH HIGHLY QUALIFIED TEACHER (one-on-one Skype or any part of ISTANBUL) bu ilanı gizle göster

Learning Turkish in a quick, relax and funny way

If you want to learn Turkish quickly, but also in a relaxed setting and according to your personal needs, than I am the one who can help you!

About me: I am graduated from Istanbul University where I studied Turkish Language and Literature for four years. After that I followed a 1,5 year master programme in Turcology.
I've been travelling through Europe a lot and have been to most of the bigger cities like Amsterdam, London, Edinburgh, Rome, Paris, etc. I share this because I've learned there how to teach Turkish to foreigners and what the different strategies are to teach a language to different people.

Because of my experiences in Europe and my spouse who is from Europe, my English is pretty good and we will be able to understand each other very well.

Work experience: I taught Turkish to foreigners at two Turkish langauge schools in Istanbul and I taught Turkish at a private University to Turkish students.
I also had my own office for a few years, where I taught Turkish to individuals and to groups.
I worked with foreigners married to a Turkish person, managers from many international businesses and consulates in Istanbul. Other students were Erasmus students and tourists who were in Istanbul for a shorter time.

Materials: since I am a Turkish teacher, I wrote two books. One about the Turkish language and another one about the Turkish culture. Beside of this I have a lot of useful resources that we can use to understand grammar and conversations better. I prepare different materials for each lesson.
I also have CD's where I've recorded some conversations. You can use these at home to practise your listening skills.

My offer: my suggestion for m y students is to take lessons twice a week for about 1,5 hour. It is hard for most of the people to focus for a longer period of time.
Meeting twice a week gives you the opportunity to practise at home with the given materials.
But of course you can decide to meet less or more frequently, that depends on your personal Schedule.
I can arrange my schedule according to your needs and availability. I am very flexible, although we will have to make a certain schedule, since I am a full time teacher.

Levels: people who come to Istanbul have many different reasons to learn Turkish. I am able to meet your need, since I have been teaching a variety of students a variety of topics.
Conversation -- daily or more deeply conversations, idioms
Grammar- from the very basic to the more complex structures
Writing- simple emails and letters to business emails and documents
Reading- daily newspaper and signs but also books and literature.
So whatever your reason to learn Turkish is and where you want to focus on, I will help you.

Price: Please feel free to contact me if you are interested. Know that the price is reasonable and that I haven't changed it for the last three years.
If you would like to do lessons with some friends together, the price different will be very small, so you might be interested in organising this.

References: I keep my students contact information confidential and don't pass it to others. Although, some of my students gave me permission to give their email address to future students as a reference. So if you are interested, you can contact them and ask them about me and my teaching style.

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