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Customized One on One TURKISH Lessons

Are you planning a trip to Turkey and wish to have a more authentic experience? Have you relocated to Turkey and wish to develop your Turkish language skills?

Have you always wanted to speak and read Turkish, or do you wish to brush up on what you already know?Start lessons with me now and get ready to travel this winter, for the upcoming holidays, and springtime!

Perhaps you are you looking for a private tutor to supplement your group lessons or perhaps you wish to for basic Turkish language survival skill. Possibly you simply want to learn how to order a Latte.

For Travelers: I offer short-term courses for those traveling in Turkey. I can customize your lessons to include travel survival Turkish.I also enjoy spicing up the lessons with cultural anecdotes.

For Residents: I am an experienced Turkish teacher with ten years experience working with tourists, temporary residents, and those who have permanently relocated to Turkey. I have worked with business men and those who have relocated to Turkey with their spouses. I offer private lessons to individuals and small groups, and I have taught and welcome all ages. I am a mature and professional instructor, and I can provide references on request.

With my varied teaching experience, I am able to tailor my classes to students goals, needs and strengths while incorporating a variety of techniques and games.

Learning can be fun!

Discounts are available to couples, groups and for lessons of longer duration.

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