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Seeking a Flat For Rent! (Cihangir/Uskudar/Beylerbeyi/Other Ideas?)

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So I'm an American who has moved to Istanbul for a new job. I'm seeking a really cool flat in a good neighborhood. Something modern (like those I've seen in the new buildings in places like Emaar or Akasya), or if older, perhaps with some character and history (like many in Cihangir I've seen), etc. I'm really not that picky, and I'm sure the people reading this are going to know a lot more about the neighborhoods and the city than I do at this point, so I was just tossing out some ideas for locations that I have seen and liked so far. But if your apartment is really great, I'm sure I'd love it no matter where it is. If it has a garden area, huge bonus, but not necessarily required. If anyone has or has seen anything nice that is available, please let me know! I have WhatsApp or you're welcome to email. Thanks.
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