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bu ilanı beğen Green Card Visa to USA bu ilanı gizle göster

Full service;
Business Investment Plan:
We'll set you up with profit-making business in California. We take care of all the paperwork. We organize your accommodation when you get here. We pick you up at the airport and accompany you for 30 days until you settle in with your new company and business.
We do all the legal work to get you the visa and organize the visa exchange to Green Card.
We provide you and your family with special Accultration program. You will know everything about how the American people and their culture works, so you will blend in the culture easily.
We take care of your children's schooling. They will start school within two weeks of arrival.

Student Plan: contact us if you want to come to the US to study.

When contacting us please send any degrees or professional related certifications.

Contact Alex for the full package.
email with your WhatsApp number and we'll call you back.
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