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bu ilanı beğen Turkish Classes (Taksim) bu ilanı gizle göster

bedel: 85 TL
istihdam türü: çalışanın seçimi

Turkish Beginner classes with experienced Turkish Teacher
Turkish Lessons

Why waste time and money? At One World Language Academy, you can learn Turkish as fast as you want to with experienced, qualified Turkish teachers, and what’s more, we have the most competitive rates in Istanbul.

At One World Lingua's Taksim office, we have several course options to suit your needs.

4-week Turkish Course: 16 hours (365 TL)

2 days a week, 2 hours per day, total of 16 hours per month.

Classes consist of 6-8 students.

Class times are as follows:

Evening Class: Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday 7pm-9pm

Day time class : Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday 10am-12pm

Weekend class: Saturday or Sunday (one day per week) 10am-2pm

Note: For students who sign up for more than one level at a time, a special 100-lira discount is applied. For more than 2 programs bought at one time, 50 lira discount will be applied per program purhcased.

Private Lessons ( 95 TL per hour evening and weekend, 85 TL per hour daytime prices)

16-hour program - 1,520 TL- evening or weekend, 1,360 TL weekday day time (9 am to 5 pm)

For students who do not want to or are unable to attend a class, we offer private (one-to-one) lessons at times that suit you.

Do you know some Turkish and are not sure which level you fit into? Feel free to stop by our Taksim office for a free consultation and Turkish language placement test.

Would you like to meet your teacher before starting the course? Stop by our Taksim office and we’ll introduce you.

Office Location: We have two conveniently located offices in Taksim Square (Talimhane) and Kadikoy (next to the Municipality).

Course outline:

A1-A2 (beginner-elementary)

B1-B2 (pre-intermediate 1 and pre-intermediate 2)

C1-C2 (intermediate 1, intermediate 2)

D1-D2 (upper-intermediate 1, upper-intermediate 2)

E1-E2 (advanced 1, advanced 2)

Who we are and what we do:

We at One World have been in the language teaching business for a long time now both as students and also as teachers, so we know how it feels from both ends. We know what we wanted as students, and we know what you want and, perhaps more importantly, what you need.

Educational Methodology:

Everyone has the same goal: to be able to read, understand and speak Turkish. To this end, we focus our energies on the aspects of Turkish that give our students the confidence to use the vocabulary and sentence structure that they have learned in class. Our goal is to help our students to become functional in Turkish in their first month of lessons. After the first month, we aim for conversational fluency in basic conversation and for reading comprehension so that students can enjoy activities such as reading newspapers. In the intermediate courses, the focus is vocabulary, pronunciation, and high level grammar that help students to make complex sentences. In the upper-intermediate course, students finish up their advanced level grammar and focus on vocabulary, idioms, idiomatic speech, and reading comprehension. In the advanced courses, speaking and fluency is the main focus.
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