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Oral artist is looking for his canvas (Istanbul)

You're feeling all tingly, and you know you need something very special and very rare right now. I understand exactly what you need. You need someone who treats your body the way an artist treats his canvas. You need an oral artist. You need a man who will do more than just go down there and lick for a while. You need a man who knows how to listen closely with each of the senses, who knows how to make his lips and tongue almost an extension of you, who will lose himself in your pleasure, going exactly where you need him to go, exactly as you need him to go there, with just the right speed and pressure, in all the right ways. And you need him to do it all night long, making you lose yourself in your own pleasure until you just can't take anymore.

I know what you need. I'm an oral artist. Would you like to be my canvas? A good artists canvas must be perfectly clean, smooth, tightly bound. . .if you think you have the right canvas for me to paint my work of art on contact me and let me know.

I am 33 years old man. Looking for female.
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