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Hi there,

I am a non-social person who has not much expectations from life. I don't have long plans in my life. I hate the way people live their lives by comparison with others statu, beauty, money etc. I hate pop culture, Instagram, TikTok and people who use apps like that. I don't have instagram or social accounts.

I don't have a fit body, but not overweight too. but also not a rough man. I'm 28 and I have a good job. I am not happy, but not looking for happiness too. I follow the tech, watching the space adventures with excitement.

I spend most of my time at home alone and at work. I don't like that there are too many pop culture people around me. So, i would like to meet people like myself, whose life energy is as lower as mine. We can have beers, watch movies, talk about tech and life etc.

Thank u

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